MarsCon 2015 Video & Podcast Coverage Round-Up

MarsCon 2015 is in the history books, and it was glorious! Thanks so much to everyone who came and made MarsCon 2015 another kick-ass year of fun, comedy, and music! 😀 To start out our coverage round-up, here’s a couple of VIDEOS courtesy of Jered Perez.

Here’s this year’s Opening Ceremonies sketch, written by the great Luke Ski, with additional jokes by Tony Goldmark, and starring Luke Ski, Sara Trice, Earl Luckes, Kevin Quigley, Bill Putt, Heather Quigley, Tony Goldmark, and Carrie Dahlby:

Here’s the Dementia Smackdown Wrestling MarsCon 2015 Battle Royal, hosted by Commissioner J.P. Tuesday and Duke ‘Flyboy’ DuJour:

Per usual, a whole bunch of PODCASTS were either recorded at MarsCon, or are recapping MarsCon upon returning home. I’ll be adding to this list below as they are posted.

The Funny Music Podcast: Episode 247
3/12/2015 –

Kyle And Luke Talk About Toons: Episode 38 – Luke Fails Upward
3/14/2015 –

The Flopcast: Episode #149 – Live At MarsCon 2015: The Flop Game
3/15/2015 –

Luke And Carries Bad Rapport: Episode 116 – Moonlight Over Winfield And Burbank
3/17/2015 –

The Flopcast:  Episode #150 – MarsCon 2015 Part 2: Enjoy Your Inflatable Instrument
3/22/2015 –

The Flopcast:  Episode #151 – MarsCon 2015 Part 3: Nun Cookies
3/29/2015 –

PS: The MarsCon 2015 Dementia Track Fund Raiser surpassed it’s goal due to some very generous people who donated large sums of money outside of the CD/MP3 album sales drive! 😀 Thanks so much to them and to everyone who donated! 😀


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